What is coding?

I know that I’m learning coding, and I know that it allows you to make websites. But what exactly are we doing here? How does the computer recognize the commands? Could somebody please tell me?:slight_smile:

Someone gave an insane good answer here, worth the read. It tries to explain something difficult in a easy way. Don’t forget, computers what they are today took many thousand, then of thousands (if not more) hours by many different people, and brilliant inventors over many and many years.

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Why do we use == and === instead of =?

We do use = as well, we use it to assign a value to a variable:

variable = "variable now holds this string"

then we use two equal signs two compare:

if (variable == "this is a different string")

or 3 equal signs if the data type (string, integer, float) should also match, this might vary slightly depending on the programming language


Good point. I didn’t realize that. How do I become a ‘Super user’?

So you want to become a Super User like me? :wink: Ok, well…

You can see the current Super Users here, good luck!

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Good luck with the challenge @codenatesysarchitect! :smile:


I don’t think I can become a ‘Super user’. I don’t think I can even become a rising star. Do you have to sit on the computer reading posts for 60 minutes straight???:disappointed:

Make that 61 and you’re good to go :smile:

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What do you mean???

Never mind I just got it!!!:smile::smile::smile:

Not many people get Super User (less than 90 right now), but I think you’ll definitely get Rising Star.


I did. Literally 10 minutes after nicoekkart posted.:smile:

Well done! Now you just need to get Super User :slight_smile:

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