What is Codecademy checking for to be printed?



What is Codecademy checking for to be printed?


Like all exercises on Codecademy that ask you to name a variable, assign a value, or print something, the name, value, or thing being printed must match what’s asked for exactly.
For example, if the exercise wants us to print the student’s name, and we added something like this: print "Student’s name is: " + student["name"], that would definitely look great!
However! The Codecademy tests running behind the scenes need you to output exactly what’s being asked for, so just the name by itself. Same with the other values.
After this lesson, however, you can definitely customize it as much as you want without worrying about passing or not, or you can take your code to an in-browser Python environment, like the one found at repl.it - just type in Python and be sure not to use Python 3.

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