What is an interface in DOM?

What is an interface in Document Object Model? An example of an interface is window in the Document Object Model. Can you use other words when explaining the meaning of interfaces. Do not use the word interface when explaining what it means.

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In literal terms, it is a boundary between objects, such the interface of water and air, water and ice, ice and air. Not only is there a physical boundary, but a layer that separates each object from the boundary.

For instance when ocean water freezes, the ice is separated from the salt water by a layer of fresh (salt-free) water. LIkewise between water and air, or ice and air there is a layer of water vapor.

In computing, we use API’s and drivers to communicate across the boundary that separates two components. An ethernet card is a network interface that permits computers on any platform to communicate with each other at distance. Same applies to line printers, modems and other peripheral devices.