What is a relational database?

I Googled the definition online, and I asked some friends, but it is still not clear. Could someone please tell me what a relational database is specifically?

Hello @pabloramosescalona ,

Most simply explained, a relational database has data organized into tables connected to each other through a common data element. In each table, there are rows and columns of data.

An example of tables and it’s columns:

Table: Customers
Columns: Customer Id, Customer Address, City, State, Country

Table: Orders
Columns: Order Id, Order Number, Order Date, Customer Id

To access the customer data and order data, you would join these two tables using the Customer Id.

Maybe, it helps to understand the other other types of databases.

Hello, coffeencake!

What do you mean by a “common data element”? The header of the table?

Juan P. Ramos.

It could be one or more columns that are the same between the tables. In the example above, the CUSTOMER ID is the same between the two tables.

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Thank you so much! You are awesome! :slight_smile:

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