What is a programmer actually doing during the working day?

Can someone explain me some example of what average programmer is actually doing during working day?

I mean codecademy courses are teaching basic things about syntax e.t.c, and we also get small exercises where we need to build some new project from scratch. But I guess it is not something that average programmer is doing everyday.
I guess average coder is not starting new project every day.

So what are examples of real life tasks that coder is doing?

And also as I understand coder is not creating code during all day. If there is some big project with a lot of people involved than there definately must be a lot of meetings to organize work.


Check out these threads for an idea/inspiration:


The idea is that a designer works with the business stakeholders, the product manager, and the end users and comes up with ‘protoypes’ and sketches. The project manager then takes these sketches and works with the team lead to break up the design into tasks that can be prioritized.

What a coder, or a pair of coders, will do is: take on each task one by one, write code that brings the designs to life, then test their code, and merge the changes into the codebase (hopefully with code review).

So, the tasks come in with rules and business requirements, we build each little piece of the ‘app’ or ‘platform’ to satisfy the business needs on our part. Frontend, backend, ios, etc. Test & deploy the changes. This can happen quickly (xp) or over the course of a month (agile) or in a one-shot (waterfall). To learn more about this read up on SDLC.

Basically, I write code all day :slight_smile: maybe some meetings, some emails, but lots and lots of what you’ll learn here. Often, there is an architect or lead who puts a good pattern in place, and you can follow that. Sometimes, you’ll need to do some research and build new patterns. Hope that helps.


Your reply was very helpful :slight_smile: Thanks!

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