What is a modulus


Apparently you have to be amazing at math to do javascript
that's unfair


Did you use the modulus to find that the moon will rotate around the earth for 14 extra days?
What does that mean

wtf is a modulus



A modulus is a divisor. New moon, quarter moon and full moon phases occur in predictible intervals, or periods. Any function to predict them would be classed as a periodic function. The modulus is the length of the period.

The corresponding, or counterparrt of the modulus is the modulo, which is the remainder when the quotient is reduced to a whole number.

5  ) 17  | 3
   - 15  |
      2  |

The quotient is 3 with 2 remainder. 2 is the modulo.

By the modulo we are always able to predict what phase the moon will be in for a given modulus, or day in its cycle.


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