What is a lodash library?

According to this project here, it says *"We hope you now have the confidence to go out and build your own multi-million-download open-source library! It may seem like a crazy statement at this stage in your coding journey, but you’ve demonstrated you have the skills to do it."*

What open source library is it referring to? Is it a normal book or eBook library or other kind of library?

What exactly is a lodash library?

Thank you.

A library is a collection of programming methods that are quite common to most applications and so universal in nature. The Lodash library is a good example of that. jQuery is another, and there are many more special purpose libraries for use in information tech, science, health, business, etc.

By utilizing a library we can write less code, have less debugging and produce a code model that others can relate to and understand.


Thanks a lot.

So what is the lodash library specifically used for?

As a utility to handle a range of common tasks found in many or most programs. Read over the library and its documentation and see if you have not had a need for some of those functions.