What is a Library?


Hello. I’m new to the Codecademy Forums, Codecademy and programming/coding in general. I’m taking a course in Python and I stumbled upon a word called Library. I’ve heard of it before and I’m pretty familiar with that word but don’t know the exact meaning (I’m not talking about the public place where you borrow and read books, but the term inside computer science). I wasn’t sure where to put this topic so I decided to choose the category/lesson in which I found that word. I’m sorry if I went to the wrong place to ask for help with computer science in general but I just didn’t know of a better place. If anyone would know to describe it to me, please do! It is much appreciated! Thanks

(I checked Wikipedia but I don’t understand their definition very well.)


In python there are many differnt functions, right ? Well, the Python library is a “library” or collection of functions. These functions will save u time so u don’t have to write ur own functions.


Ooh thanks so much! :slight_smile:


I know you said your not really

“Talking about the public place…”

But you can definitely visualize it as typically the same exact idea, with the only exception being that everything inside of that local library only contains all an everything to do with the python language.

The Python Documentation Library

Anything concerning this particular language can pretty much be found there.


you can think of it as a library you know.(books,magazines…)the difference is in programming a library contains documentations,precompiled codes(it’s intended to avoid repetitions so that you could use important functions),built in functions. every language has its own library(the library itself may be written in another language(like python). it contains different important functions so that the programmer work is simplified(because there are a lot of reusable codes). you can create your own library if you want too(and its necessary if you want to build big apps and software.)but it need knowledge on objects(is a technical word) and other stuffs.


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