What is a DLL file?

So i’m learning this for the specific purpose of eventually creating my own option trading algos that i currently pay to have made and upgraded. I’ve read enough of them to be able to get a basic understanding of what they do just by seeing them but i don’t understand what’s going on behind that stuff at all. My question of the moment is the DLL file. When i go into my trading softwares manual the first thing they talk about is the DLL file and i see the dynamic link library and definition but i dont really understand what that means. So some of the terms used in my algos are things like buystock, buycall. into.qty, info.price…etc. Is the DLL the place that holds all of the possible terms used like this and what they mean? Like i said i can somewhat get by looking and understanding what it does but i dont get anything else but i want to. Would someone creating these need to know about the DLL file or ever use it or is it just a place the definitions to the terms used in scripts and never changes? Or am i totally wrong about what it is?


A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file is a library that contains data or code.
They are often used if multiple programs need to access the same data or if changes need to be made to a specific part of the program, it can be used so that the whole program doesn’t need to be changed.

You may find this article from Microsoft Helpful: Dynamic link library (DLL) - Windows Client | Microsoft Docs

In your case, the DLL file may well contain information relating to some of the terms used in your algorithms.

You wouldn’t necessarily need to know about DLLs and how to use them if you were creating your own software.
However, you may find that implementing DLLs improve performance and memory efficiency.

I hope that helps!


What a thoughtful answer. Thank you so much i really appreciate it.

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