What is a class?


Help, I’m having trouble trying to understand what a class does and what the point of them is. Inheritance, “super()” and bases confuse me also. A simplified explanation would be great, as I really dont know anything that’s going on. I’ve made it to exercise 14 but the introduction of super() and bases have thrown me off.

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such explanation are very time consuming to write, thankfully people do from time to time:

as mentioned in this guide:

class is used to define a class. And what is a class? Simply a logical grouping of data and functions

classes are powerful, but a bit confusing at first

when it comes to inheritance, classes can inherit data from parent class, the absolute simplest example:

class Parent(object):

class Child(Parent):

now Child class inherit all data (methods, member variable) from Parent class

super() allows use to call parent parent method, so for example:

class Parent(object):
    def hello_world(self):
        print "hello world"

class Child(Parent):
   def call_parent_method(self):
       super(Child, self).hello_world()

now call_parent_method method calls the hello_world method of Parent class


thanks! I understand it a lot more now!


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