What is a backend?

What is a difference between 2 and 3 …? I thought that API and HTTP serve content to the client…

APIs and HTTP Methods such as GET and POST are ways to serve content to the client, however they’re not the only ways. When you’re working with a full production website everything has to be served to the client by the backend (i.e. the server). This includes the HTML, CSS and JS files to make the frontend work, any images, any extra data that’s sent through with the content on initial page load.
HTTP methods are generally used for forms to allow the user to submit and query set data, and API’s are generally used to allow a power user to get much more detailed information and answer more specific queries that aren’t necessarily feasible or recommended for general use. However they don’t encompass all content serving and are generally a bit more complicated to develop/use and as such are fair to be pulled out into their own point. The way you can think about this list in layman’s terms is.

  1. Pick your backend language of choice (Javascript, Python etc) and a framework in this (React, Vue.JS, Django etc).
  2. Learn how to provide the frontend interface to the users browser.
  3. Learn how to provide extra interaction for the user with the backend data via API’s and HTTP methods.
  4. Learn to connect to a database that the server should pull and push data from/to.
  5. Create the website!

Hopefully that makes it a bit clearer why these are separated into 2 points.


Wow, I deeply appreciate for your specific and kind answer!! It actually helped me a lot!! Thanx for your answering :slight_smile:

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