What Irritates You (About Code)


Some things just make your brain explode.

What irritates you most about reading or writing code?

My biggest irritation is curly braces...

Here's why:

function jokes() {
    if (1 > 2) {
        if (2 < 5) {
        else {
else if (2 == 2)                     {
           return 3 + 3;
                else {
                                 return "You get the point";

This doesn't happen in Python...


@cadecodes You use Python, you should have better indentation than that :wink: - Curly braces aren't an excuse for poor code indentation, they just allow it.

I don't really like all the stuff surrounding JavaScript right now - NPM, Gulp, Grunt, etc.. I'm just about to look up a few tutorials on that type of stuff and see if I can make any progress understanding it.
I tried once before (but not very hard), and my brain just went :boom:, hopefully I'll succeed in understanding NPM this time :slight_smile:


I should write nice code, but sometimes tabs slip in.

Then I hit enter and my line magically flies away! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

JavaScript code just looks so messy it annoys me! :slight_smile:


Lol What are those...

Somone cant possibly have a bad identation like that, unless he purposely does so...


People post things like that on the forum.

Don't lie and say you haven't seen it. :wink:


I did but not that bad.... Please show me a post that was even close to that bad..


I'll message you if I see one, haven't recently though... :cry: