What industries and areas currently use robotics?



In the context of this exercise introducing the field of Robotics Development, what industries and areas currently use robotics?


There are many industries and areas that currently use robotics, and this number is constantly increasing.

In ocean exploration, robots such as the Deepsea Challenger are used to perform deep-sea dives for research. Robotics is also used in space exploration, with the Mars Rover being one such example.

Robotics is also utilized in the military, for machines such as drones or missiles. The area of disaster relief also uses robotics, to provide aid to people in areas that other humans are unable to reach after a natural disaster.

In the field of healthcare, robotics is used for important surgical procedures, and for other important applications such as prosthetics.

Robotics is also utilized in agriculture for farming and harvesting crops, as well as in manufacturing, such as for vehicle production.