What i'm missing here? Fashion blog project 10/17

I’m stuck here on this phase.

wrote the HTML code like I’ve been asked to but the checked boxes… well won’t get checked :frowning:
here is the code I’ve written

Hey :wink:

This is a project, in a project you have to tick off the checks yourself (click on them). This is even written in the description :wink: “Mark the tasks as complete by checking them off”

There is no code evaluation like in exercises so you will have to see if the result is what is required or cross reference your code with the accompanied tutorial video.

Happy coding!

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I hate myself so much at the moment.
cheers mate! thank you very much :smiley:


Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Clearly you were just super eager to get coding! Who needs instructions, anyway… :stuck_out_tongue: