What if the game didn't end there but instead asked both players for new choices?


I figures out that I could use a loop, maybe a while loop? But after trying different ways to implement it since last night, I got stuck. Please enlighten me someone on where to implement the loop and which loop to use.

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you could place a do while loop around the whole thing:

do {
  prompt user
  compare function
  prompt if the user want to play again (y/n)
} while(again == 'y')


I did the following code, and it works partially, the only problem is that when I say "y" to the prompt request, it does not open up a new game, it just says: congrats you completed the course..

do {

// run first part of the existing code..

var compare = function(choice1, choice2) {
if (choice1 === choice2) {
prompt("Do you want to play again - y/n?");

// run last part of the existing code..

} while(compare == 'y')

Did I do something wrong or is it just the way the tutorial works?


can i see the full code you have? I can't tell what the problem is without the full code


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