What if math is not one's strength?

I am a desktop support tech who is trying to expand my skill set and thought I’d give code academy a try. I have tried programming here and there over the years and have found it both intimidating and impenetrable. Code academy seemed like a good place to try again. However when i got to the part of the beginning lessons that involved math, I couldn’t go on. I am terrible at math. I mean like almost failing classes bad. It seems like programming involves a great deal of math. Can anyone verify that I will need to know more than basic arithmetic? I was really counting on learning some programming to make more money and now am feeling hopeless and depressed. Maybe I’m wrong. Is there an easier kind of programming out there like web development or Java? Or should I just bail and try to find another skill? It seems like most IT jobs require at least some kind of scripting or programming language skills.

Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated.



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Even I am intimidated by maths, since there is no way I can stand here and discuss Riemann or Fourier or Pascal or even Euclid.

If math is not your strength, perhaps history is . Gloss over math and look at history of Number. Studying along this line will be a road tour through all the real questions that arose through history, and how math was employed to help answer them.

One should not be surprised by how much is learned about math in the process. Now apply that knowledge to application development.

I would only say to keep pressing, and find the connections you can read. Programming isn’t about math but about expression. Some input to the expression results in something out. Will there be math involved? That only depends upon what the program or script is expected to do. It could have nothing to do with math, but position in a list, or node in the DOM.


You shouldn’t be intimidated by math. It’s something you probably weren’t into as a kid - got taught poorly - and haven’t practiced much beyond basic arithmetic and algebra.

It’s normal to struggle with. I know you could improve your skills if you worked at it. Unfortunately - it is hard work.

All of that being said, you don’t need to know advanced math to learn how to code. You can accomplish so much with programming without a strong math background.

Computing does all boil down to various maths and applied maths. Understanding advanced math will help you become a better problem solver able to understand the how and why behind the optimal software solution