What if I'm starting w a Functional Spec?


Codecademy seems great if my objective were to learn a specific programming language. But I've come here with an idea for an app/online service, and I need to know what languages I need to learn to build it. I have experience managing software development projects from a product marketing perspective -- determining user requirements and developing a functional spec. But I've never had to actually build those products myself. There was a team of software engineers to determine a technical spec and iterate with me as they built the product.

Now I have a pretty detailed functional spec for an online service I want to build on my own, but I don't know what the technical requirements should be -- what platforms and languages to use. I know what the product should do, I just don't know how to make it do that. I may not be able to build all of it myself, but I don't even know what kinds of people and skills I should find to build the parts that I can't.

Does Codecademy offer any way for people to start with a business/user objective and then decide what languages to learn to achieve that objective?



No, codecademy does not offer this. You can ask on the forum, you might get an answer. Lets start with what do you want to build?

Otherwise you will need to find a more suitable platform to ask this question, and come back here if there is something here that you can learn which can help you achieve your goal


Sorry, I thought that this would be the place on the forum to do that. The other forum topics seemed more granular and language-oriented than this. The product I have in mind is a location-aware app or website that is geared for a certain category of enthusiastists. Depending on where you happened to be located, it identifies destinations of interest to such enthusiasts, within a determined radius. Clicking on the destination reveals basic info about the destination (which can be supplemented or edited by approved users), as well as access to photos, videos and comments that other enthusiasts have posted about that destination. That user-generated content can be up/downvoted by other users to help ensure that the most useful and thoughtful content is up top.

Think of it as a mash-up of Wikihood, TripAdvisor and a more typical enthusiast-oriented blog about wine, rock climbing or some other interest. The idea is to provide a virtual guide to genuinely involved enthusiasts that is accessible but not clogged with input from more casual visitors who are unfamilliar with the category. If I find myself in Denver or New York, I can use it to find destinations of interest. I can also use it to plan a trip around my interests or participate in a community of informed people who share my particular interests.

That's it. Probably not complicated or ground-breaking. But it is something I want to make happen.



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app or website, that are already two different directions.

Well, you could build your own map, but this would be an insane lot of work. Thankfully google maps provides an API which you can use. You should start there, see what different languages google maps API provides. See the purposes of this languages, see if they suit your platform.

I would start with a single platform, start with a website, since this can be used on all platforms and devices.

Here is your starting point: