What if I don't have domain expertise in some area?


I am kinda in a similar situation, I am an accountant and a CPA, but I enjoy data and modelling, I have some background in programming but nothing official. I would love to apply programming and computer science in accounting and finance data. I could see a wide range of applications between these two fields


You have a bigger advantage than a data scientist since you already know how to interpret financial data (especially ratios). The amount of real programming is not much more complicated than writing self-evaluating spread sheets and macros. We’ve simply replaced ‘copy down’ with a loop construct. If anything you should feel empowered from the first new program instruction. It won’t be long you’ll have enough tools in your belt to perform the work you are already used to.

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We’re in the same boat. I got my accounting degree and just got hired for my first accounting job to start next week. I started my journey with the data science course but I’ve already found many uses for data science and software development in the field. If you look at the EDGAR website, the SEC is almost begging accountants to come up with new and innovative ways to apply data science to the data they provide, so there is a huge demand for accountants that can apply these concepts to our field.


My passions lie in music as a musician, and in fitness and athleticism as someone who has a degree in exercise science but ultimately never put it to serious use beyond a personal trainer cert.

One thing I really care about (for obvious selfish reasons :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) is how to figure out getting your name out as a musician with the overflow of musical talent on social media. The old ways of talent scouting, getting on your local radio, etc. I don’t think they work anymore. This is also compounded with the growing rise of alt-tech with splintering communities, and even further with the rise of blockchain-built social media and streaming sites and how that can be monetized.

I’ve been in the GIS industry for almost 20 years, focusing on the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry for almost 16 years now. I’m guessing I’m looking at keeping my domain in the O&G industry, but also keeping my options open to branching out of that industry all together.

I’m an engineering lecturer, but I’m considering moving into consultancy. I’d like to develop my data analysis skills and apply them to the analysis of engineering and market data.