What if I don't have domain expertise in some area?


In the context of this exercise, which explains the importance of domain expertise in Data Science, what if I don’t have domain expertise in some area?


Domain expertise definitely helps when working in Data Science, but it is not always an absolute requirement to enter the field, because it can be picked up over time. Domain expertise doesn’t necessarily require certification or a degree in some specific field, and can be a passion that you show great interest in, like travel or media.

If you think you don’t have domain expertise in a particular area yet, be open to learning different domains and try to find what you enjoy and are passionate about.


I would love to see more comments on here. So here I am again. …be the change, right? I am interested in climate change. I am not sure how exactly to get involved but there is obviously a TON of big data to be managed so I am very intrigued to learn.


Climate change could be interesting to go into :slight_smile: I would start by developing my understanding of climate change simultaneously to learning data science and see how it goes. I don’t think there is a clear-cut entry point into data scientist in climate change


Guess I’m here to contribute to the conversation as well, I have no idea what I want to go into. Currently just learning the basics of coding to follow stocks more closely and hopefully predict how future investments will do.


I think one of the exciting things about the field is the ability to bring data science to the people who do have DE! In my current role (not a DS, but a UX’er), I enjoy is working with colleagues with a tremendous amount of DE and helping them put a UX lens on it. I’m stoked to do the same with a DS skillset, as well. There are a lot of very smart people out there with a lot of DE, but don’t have the time/resources to become a DS expert. I think one huge value of a DS is to bring that kind of thinking to the table to help people with DE see their problems, questions, potential solutions, processes, etc. differently.

No one can know everything!!


In my opinion, I think that everyone has a domain expertise because everyone has something they enjoy doing. Including if it’s something they like to learn about. this expertise could be art and you can still find data on this.


I was an entrepreneur in India generating sustainable energy early in my career. I also have a degree in political affairs in energy. Data Analytics/Science is something that has caught my interest lately. I am domain agnostic for now, but at times do wonder how Energy Analytics might look like.


What We Know Is a Drop, What We Don’t Know Is an Ocean


I think in the UX/UI fields there are needs in the accessibility realm for Data Science–also in A/B testing, research, etc.


Im learning ds to apply it to psych and neuroscience research graduate program. Anyone going this route?


I’m hoping to use ds/ML in neuro/medical engineering research!

I’m in that same path! What are your current status?

I am learning R online, and applying to PhD programs.

I have the same interest that you have but in Forex

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I guess my domain would be Social Media. I really enjoy it as a I come from an Advertising and PR background. That’s part of what lead me here. I wanted to have something that set me apart and coding is something I was always interested in but couldn’t find my niche. I think I finally found it with data.

Hey everyone,

First time poster here. Taking the DS Intro course, regarding that I think one of my interests is really investments, more specifically crypto (even though is the one thing that is really hard to predict) but honestly I really love to understand what’s the probability of a project becoming viable for use, how many projects are there already that use the same structure or do what they do.


I am most passionate about high-tech and development of future technology hardware and software (ex. Augmented Reality) to revolutionize the ancient educational system. Anyone else most passionate about this and want to talk? Any ideas on how to apply DS to this very complex domain?

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I have a degree in veterinary science and I love it but I’ve been struggling with the work market. I don’t see myself as a physician and I’ve been always interested in programming and computer science in general. Reading this forum made me realize that maybe I can combine the two! Is anyone else in a similar situation?