What if I don't have a Computer Science degree?


What if I don’t have a Computer Science degree?


Having a degree related to Computer Science or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) definitely helps, but is not an absolute requirement in most Computer Science fields. In fact, it is no longer rare that developers have an unrelated degree or no degree at all, and the number of such developers continues to grow.

However, to enter and succeed in the field without a Computer Science degree, it is important to make sure you learn all the important concepts that would have been covered in the degree and are required for the job. In addition, it can be helpful to make projects, contribute to open source projects, join hackathons, and network with others in the field.


i think than learn code fondations its elemental to keeping going in code path professional… just now, i´m learning it… before i coninue witha a full stack path