What if choice1 is scissors? Please, have a look



Hi there! This is my code, which I compared with the right one, I found in one of the topics. I can't find any difference, I clearly don't see my mistake. My code has been accepted by codedecademy, but it doesn't work propely, it shows userChoice as a computerChoice and returns "This result is a tie!". Please, have a look, maybe you'll notice what's wrong with that.

I'm missing one semi-colon, but the right code works even without it

Replace this line with your code. Do not remove the backticks.


Hi when you run your code did it only printing you "The result is a tie!"?


It prints first : Computer: paper/rock/scissors (but this is my choice, not the random computer choice) and then "The result is a tie!"


To me your code seems fine I didn't notice a error and this part

console.log("Computer: " + computerChoice )

Give your the Computer: paper/rock/scissors
And if you want to see your choice try to add that at the end of your code

console.log("Userchoice: " + userChoice)