What if choice1 is paper?



its crazy , i've been trying to figure out this line of code for 2hrs now and I can't get it through my head.. It always says "Rock wins" idk how it must be something wrong with it.. anyone could help me?


okay, so our compare function has 4 things, an if to check if choices are equal:

if (choice1 == choice2){
    return "The result is a tie!"

then we are adding 3 else if statement to determine what the user picked/chose, lets do one:

else if (choice1 == "rock"){


then inside our else if, we nest if and else to determine what the computer chose:

else if (choice1 == "rock"){
     if (choice2 == "paper"){

    } else {


Follow this structure. Pay close attention to the curly brackets

add a second else if following the same structure for choice1 is paper


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