What if choice 1 is rock ? Lesson 6


Can't find what is wrong here..... Just can't... Please help !

 if(choice1 === choice2) {
        return ("The result is a tie!");
else if(choice1 === "rock") {
    if(choice2 === "scissors") {
        return "rock wins";
    else {
        return "paper wins";


Says : "There was a problem with your syntax."


You are forgetting to close your else if statement after you return "rock wins"


The () around the return value is not necessary and you seem to lack the var compare = function... line or at least didn't copy it. Last but not least you miss a closing } for the fucntion after the else if case.

@eren_s What do you mean by after return rock? Don't having one there should be fine.
There is a hint in 6/9 which shows an example for the else if case.


Oh my bad, it's just that I did it that way and it worked.