What IDE will run on Chrome OS and chromebook that has Linux locked?

My students have Chromebooks with Linux locked. What IDE will work well on Chrome OS?

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I can’t speak to what IDEs you could install locally, as I’m not familiar enough with the suite of apps available to ChromeOS, but at a glance it seems like your options are a little more limited and many of the most common aren’t supported - what exactly is it your students would be programming in?

If you wanted a more common IDE that isn’t supported directly, it might be worth looking into a browser based IDE like https://vscode.dev/, which is Microsoft’s official browser-based version of VSCode. Alternatively there are fully cloud based options like https://gitpod.io/ (again a cloud-based VSCode port) or Build, ship, and share software with Replit’s powerful IDE - Replit (not VSCode, but similar) or https://stackblitz.com/.

The latter three aren’t totally free, but they’ve got generous enough free subscription tiers that (at least I personally) have never run into issues with. The limitations of the tiers is 50 hours/month for GitPod, and only the ability to create publicly accessible code in Replit or Stackblitz.

Happy coding! :slight_smile: