What IDE does Codecademy use?

Hey guys! I am just curious what IDE Codecademy is using for the lessons. Is it something that was created by Codecademy? If so, what is something similar out there? (free preferably. :slight_smile:)

I think the IDE is CC specific. There are loads of really good options out there for code editors and full IDEs. If you search around for things like VS Code, Sublime Text and such you’ll find a lot of choices.

There should be a few posts about folks favoured editors on the forums and absolutely loads of opinion to be found with a full web search.

Perhaps try a few different options if you have the time; they all have pros and cons and almost all of them are highly customisable and the more time you spend using one option the better you will be with it.

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Thank you very much for the quick reply! I will go and check out some of the ones you mentioned.