What I want to accomplish in 30 days of coding on Codecademy

Here are some of my goals that I want to accomplish in just 30 days of coding on Codecademy below:

  • Create my own android app based on the math game called 24 with an interesting twist
  • Create my own projects in Java and Python using the skills I learned from Codecademy and other valuable sites that may assist me
  • Learn a new programming language like JavaScript or Swift to further build diversity in my knowledge of programming languages
  • Using tutoring websites(Wyzant.com, Takelessons.com, etc.) to help others who have difficulty with their programs by using my communication skills and programming knowledge to convey different ways of approaching the problem effectively.

This is my definitive list and I am destined to achieve more beyond the 30 day threshold. I am confident that I will create beautiful masterpieces of programs thanks to Codecademy and others who will push me to continue coding!


Well good luck, some of those look like they will take a while, but still, I hope you can do it. :slight_smile:


Keep us updated! It’s great motivation for everyone to see learners achieving their goals :fire:


Thank you so much for your response!

Will do! Thanks for the reminder! I will try my very best to update my progress to the community as efficient as I can.