What I should do after completing the Computer Science PRO Path?


I’m doing the Computer Science PRO Path on CodeAcademy and I feel like I’m learning the Python language quite well because of it (though it is taking a little bit of time). I’m just wondering what I should do after completing this course. I can’t just put that on my resume, right? How can I use my newfound knowledge in Python to advance my career? Thanks for reading and thanks for the replies!


That computer science path is quite long, so you should be going at that for a while!

How coding can help in your career… that depends on what your career is and what your goals are.


Yeah, I’m half way done, and I’m thinking the same thing… it would be nice to get some type of certificate or title after completing this to put that on LinkedIn or something. What have other people done after completing the Comp. Sci. PRO course?


If you’d like a certificate, that’s part of what Intensives are for. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, I think I knew that about the intensive courses. The question here has specifically to do with the PRO Computer Science Path.

I will probably just add in my LinkedIn that I completed the Computer Science PRO course and I can just make my own document that says that as well, if I want to hang something up.

As far as actually utilizing what we have learned, how have others used this Computer Science PRO course to further their career. What did they do afterwards?


No Offense to CC. But some AWESOME Certifications you can get are from www.edx.org and Coursera. I have a certification from Duke University in Web development.

Completion of SOME of these certifications either Guarantee admissions or Give you College Credits. And those that don’t are great to display on your resume.

The best part?! FINANCIAL AID. $90-200 certifications for as little as $10 or even FREE.

If you want specifics please send me an email and I can give you some recommendations.


Hi @colethelion321! Nice info! I couldn’t find your email to ask it privately, but I am interested in that financial aid you were mentioning here. How can one apply for it?


Good Morning @colethelion321 I am interested in this as well.

Thank you!


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