What i did wrong i have problem with writing conditional statment

Code Challenge

Create a function named large_power() that takes two parameters named base and exponent .

If base raised to the exponent is greater than 5000 , return True , otherwise return False

HintMake sure you use if and else statements to return True or return False . Also, to take the power of one number to another number you can use the ** operator.

# Write your large_power function here: def large_power(base, exponent): exponent = base ** exponent return exponent print(large_power(2, 13)) if large_power > 5000: print(true) # should print True #print(large_power(2, 12)) # should print False

the first part with return statement wasn’t difficult

if large_power > 5000:

What are you comparing? Where is large_power defined?

The question is asking you to ‘return’ True, not ‘print’ True. There is a difference. Perhaps this is your problem?

Try return True instead of print(true) and see if it works now?