What i can learn here to substitute missing PHP course?

Hi, just found out that PHP course was closed. My intention is to learn some coding so i can maintain eshop. Which languages are best to learn so i can maintain and modify front-end, back-end (server-side) of an eshop ?

Thanks for any advice

front-end: html, css & js + any possible JS framework used by the e-shop

back-end: whatever the back-end uses.

Thank for your fast reply,i wrote my question bad, i meant what to learn as back-end language as substitution for PHP, i was thinking about some CMS eshops but all of them run with PHP and some kind of SQL at back-end. Do you know any eshop CMS/system which use different back-end language as PHP, idealy language which i can learn here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

learning SQL is highly advised as well (we have an SQL course on codecademy), although you might make the queries with PHP, its still wise to learn SQL as well

but if you want to use a CMS which uses PHP, you should just learn PHP, i am sure there are other resources out there teaching PHP.