What i am doing wrong

Can anyone explain?

Hi @rtorrano93,

Two errors I can observe from the photo:

  1. The step 1 instruction asked you to write a for loop, check did you write that?
    If yes, where it is?
    If no, you need to write one.

    So far, you don’t have a for loop yet, refer back to the syntax the lesson is providing in the example and compare it to your code.

  2. There’s one additional space inside your console.log index name, as you declared above the index is without spaces, so it should follow the same. Also additional note, in JavaScript, variable names don’t accept spaces.

    var fruit_Name  // yes
    var fruitName   // yes
    var fruitname   // yes
    var fruit Name  // no

Hope this serves as a hint for you. :slight_smile:

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The way you explained made it so easy mate, cant thank you enough!

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