What happens if the site where the image is hosted is down?


What happens if the site where the image is hosted is down?

How can I store my own images online?

This depends, if you host the static content (images are static content) on your own webserver, and the webserver goes down, the website can’t be accessed

if you have the static content hosted on a CDN (content deliviry network) and CDN goes down, your site will still be online, but the images won’t load. But CDN going down is very unlikely.


ok, shut down or not connected is the word i wanted to use, but using docker to host my site, can i host sites for other people


Yea, its possible. But why would you want to? I would advise against it

then just find free hosting services (or paid, and charge them the amount you have to pay)


Ok then, i have done just that, but its just that free hosting sites are limited, limited storage etc, what hostingsite do you think is the best


Make sense free hosting is limited.

The best hosting site depends on what you need to deploy. There are extensive articles which compare hosting, i would see if you can find those on google.

Writing those articles takes a lot of time, so they will be more extensive and better then an answer i can give you


ok then, am just learning html and i have a site although its not very presentable to be called a site, but what code editor/creator would you recommend for me, want to put my learnings in to practice


Pick a text-editor, there are plenty (atom, notepad++, sublime text, VScode), whatever you find pleasant. Certain question do not have a fixed answer due to personal preference.


, i would just prefer a software which i would be able to run the codes and preview it even before creating it into a file, is there one like that


what about a site in which you need your users to upload their files for safekeeping, like a cloud,a hosting site with high storage