What happened to the XMLHttpRequest lesson?

I have probably been doing the xml lesson over 10 times and i loved the XMLHttpRequest, it became one of my favorites in javascript. Now suddently the lesson is gone… what happened?

They just released an update to the JS course. You can view the details here. I am not sure if the XML lesson is included in this update though.

Aww i do not wanna do the http requests without xml :frowning:

They use the fetch function/API to do requests in some of the other lessons.

Although I like some of the stuff Mozilla has on the XMLHttpRequest

Now that you must be thoroughly familiar with this object and AJAX, consider the newer,

Using the Fetch API - Web APIs | MDN

For the record, there never was an XML course. However there was a time long before HTML5 when AJAX was born, built on the back of MS’s legacy XMLHttpRequest. This object, and XML had been around for a long time, by that point.

Around the same time AJAX was introduced, jQuery emerged as the compatibility solution for the browser wars and abstracted away the request object. Shortly after that, JSON emerged. It’s very likely that most of today’s developers have not had to work directly with the XML object.


Wow i didn’t acutally know you could make http requests with async await.

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