What happened to the php lessons?

I finally got the motivation to learn php but going back to my first teacher of code i discovered that they no longer teach it :persevere:

The course was discontinued, as not enough people were actually interested in it.
PHP is still popular, but certainly not as popular as it once was. People are moving to new languages.

There’s still a huge amount of information out there to learn PHP, and an active community. Try php.net and phptherightway.com for starters. You could also check learn-php.org, phpbuddy.com, or sololearn.com/Course/PHP/.
Udemy has courses as well.

But as far as Codecademy is concerned, I think they’re done with it. When everyone wants Javascript and Python, why keep trying to maintain a course that almost no one wants anymore…

If you’re still set on learning PHP, then follow the links above. Good luck and have fun.

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Thank you for the links