What happened to the PHP course?

Where is the PHP course. Suddenly its gone

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its gone, yes. But not suddenly.

Codecademy has announced already for months to take down the PHP course (blog, in the PHP track itself, maybe even email)


Is it coming back? Why did they take it away? I say suddenly because I was doing it about 2 weeks ago.

well, 2 weeks ago (and earlier) there was a message in the course that the course was scheduled for removal, so its not unexpected

if its not in the blog, then there is no plan for the course to return


Yes, but what’s the reason for the removal? Has PHP gone out of style? Is there little demand for it these days? Are there better languages out there? I expected to learn PHP to complement my HTML & CSS skills, so that I can use HTML & CSS for front-end coding and PHP for back-end coding. Will the course ever be rereleased? If not, what’s the best substitute for PHP?

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According to Codecademy’s Community Manager, @danieloduffy

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That sucks. I don’t see how it’s loosing popularity when Wordpress is 30% of the sites out there. I been learning how to build themes from scratch and wanted to get familiar with the syntax and learn backend. Code Academy has been the best with learning syntax, I personally vote to bring it back with PHP7.


Unfortunately, not many people feel the same way…

i vote to bring php back.


It’s not something you can just vote on. This was an administrative decision made by Codecademy. If you have a problem with it, then by all means message @danieloduffy.

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Maybe it’s “least used courses on Codecademy” becuse of “The PHP courses were very old, buggy, and outdated”?


Why is this so hard for you to understand?

The decision to sunset PHP was made a long time ago. You can’t learn PHP on Codecademy anymore. If you still want to learn PHP, you can Google for PHP courses.

We are very sorry that PHP had to be sunsetted, but complaining about it in the forums won’t change anything.

However, if you still have an issue with this, I implore you to take it up with @danieloduffy, our Community Manager.

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I noticed it disappeared from the dashboard, as well as other stuff like html and css getting separate courses. Doing a google search I found the course still online: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/web-beginner-en-StaFQ/0/1

Unfortunate that it got removed, but ye there are so many coding sites apart from codeacademy where you could learn it.


Thank you for understanding.

While you may still technically be able to access it, you won’t for much longer as it will soon be entirely taken down.


That’s unfortunate to see PHP is removed from Codecademy and unfortunately there isn’t many alternatives for Codecademy ( my Personal opinion Codecadey is an awesome place to learn languages and etc. ) . I’ve doing my training since 1.5 month and started to learn HTML and CSS with codecademy. I’m working in a big company and will become a WEB DEV. As far as other Web developers of my company say PHP is still one of the most popular and useful languages. Many many websites are running under of PHP language and PHP will be a popular, functional and useful language. A short search in google did prove what did they tell me. some of really awesome and big positive points of PHP are awesome support, and regular updates that kept and will this language alive. that’s sad that we have no access to PHP Course anymore but for people who are learning it or try to learn PHP like myself is still a big market and will earn good :smiley:
I thank Codecademy group and if it’s there any possibility to bring back PHP I think me and many other feature developers will be thankful and happy about it.
best regards, Arman


I agree. There is nothing like Codecademy. I wish so bad they would bring back PHP. I’ve researched and found the same info you spoke of. Can’t understand why users didn’t make this popular.


You can google the course and still learn before it’s taken down completely.

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thanks a lot. it helps a lot

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As of 1 September 2017 PHP makes up 82.9% of server side languages making it the most popular by far.

Wordpress, Wikipedia, MailChimp, Yahoo, Facebook and many more big dogs all use PHP. It’s not going anywhere.

There is no logic to this. Even if it is the least used course, why remove it? What’s the point in taking it down and removing links to it?

This seems to me like some, high level nerds at codecademy just doesn’t like it as a language and want to do their part to try and phase it out.


At this point I think it’s clear that PHP should be brought back.