What happened to the career path overhaul that was put into place for a week during Oct 2023?

I think it was around the week of Oct 9, 2023, but not 100% sure. I logged in one day that week to do my course and saw that my Career Path UI had a complete Overhaul with a new Informational article in the “Getting Started” section of the path to show how to navigate the new system.

I really liked this overhaul. How it had certificate exams after each section. Current sections of the skill path were condensed into overhead focus area. For example, the Full Stack Career Path modules 1-8 (from Feb '23 update) was put into one focused section called “Web Development Foundations”. Later modules were also grouped together, with each section having a certificate or check-in quiz. These focused sections also shows a percentage of how much you have completed for that section, instead of check list of each assignment within the module. You could still get to a view of the individual modules within each section if you wanted to see the check list, but the percentage view can help me keep track of how much I’ve completed and set goals for my next learning sessions.

However, the next time I logged in a couple of days later, the UI went back to the Feb 2023 update and I had a notification that they removed the Oct update because they were only testing it. Do we have an ETA on when the update will be finished and added permanently?

Scroll to the bottom of this page, under Resources> Roadmap.