What happened to codebits?


Hi. I’ve been reading some books about HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I wanted to test out my skills. I remember once seeing that you could do just that with the Codecademy codebits. The only problem is I couldn’t find them on the webpage. I did some researching but I couldn’t find a clear answer as to what happened with codebits and why they aren’t where they used to be. Could anyone clear this up for me? Thanks.


No doubt it had to do with a cost-benefit analysis, and proved more costly than could be justified given the low usage.

As for testing your code, you can do that on your own machine without installing any software. You have a browser, and every machine has a text editor. Mind, Notepad is not the best tool for the purpose of web development so you may need to acquire another text editor. Notepad++ is free, and more than adequate for our needs.


Thanks for the info! Do you know if there is anything similar to codebits that I could use?

Edit: My bad, I only looked at the top part of your reply. Sry :blush:


repl.it is free to join and has a similar interface to what CC used to use with a wide range of available language environments. There is HTML/CSS alone, and HTML/CSS with JavaScript once you get to that point.

It’s still a good idea to set up your own environment that will let you work offline.


Thanks again for the help!


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