What happened to building phone apps?


I remember not too long ago the format for this website was different and a path was available to build phone apps on here. Now I am having trouble finding the right course.

I am a complete beginner by the way to coding.

Thanks for any input.


Building phone apps? I don’t recall that being a course here, though I could be wrong.

Most app building requires some form of UI, especially for iPhones (XCode), which is not really something I see Codecademy building a replica of for the purpose of one or two courses.


Would you know what I should be taking here to get the basics on building phone apps?


Codecademy has many useful courses that will provide you with the basics of PROGRAMMING, that will be helpful in your trying to learn to build apps, but for explicitly building phone apps, I don’t believe there are any courses.


Yeah I am doing the programming courses right now; Python at the moment. I guess it’s a step in the right way.