What got you into programming?

And now, what do you like the most about programming?

What got me into programming was Python. When I was like 9 years old, I started taking coding classes in school, and I started with Python. I honestly loved it so much back then, I built so many cool games and learned to debug my code.

But now I’m more into developing apps. (I currently develop apps in Android, but I’m learning web development :slightly_smiling_face:). I just really like how there are endless things I can build, and how many problems of real life I can attempt to model and solve.

How about you? I would love to hear your take on this :grinning:


My mom. During the time when schools originally closed, she said I needed to do something other than playing till 12 on my Xbox. So she started a small coding camp and used the free trial of Codecademy Pro to get us started. I started Python but was learning it too fast compared to my peers so I started JS. I then decided to stick with Python, and started searching up career paths to take. I chose Data Science after watching the Codecademy video and just went from there. Currently enjoying SQL. I enjoy how there’s so much more stuff to Python, even though I completed the course.


I started with vanilla HTML back in the tail end of the 90’s, but I spent a lot of time on the Internet back then on forums relating to MMOs I was playing. I quickly found static pages a bit boring, so expanded out into Perl (CGI) and original ASP which was just blocks of VBScript stuck in an HTML document for back-end processing.

I ended up writing a bespoke CMS for a friend who bought a domain around 2003, all in ASP with an Access DB for the data store… it was a bit hacky in places, but it worked well enough for a small blog site!

I stopped for quite a while, during which time things moved on considerably… but re-learning HTML5 and doing layouts with HTML/CSS rather than using stuff like the archaic <frameset>/<frame> tags wasn’t too hard. In comparison to some of the stuff I used to do, Python and JS have been a piece of cake.