What formatting tools does Codeacdemy use for it's Javascript?

I really like the format button below my code in Codecademy, and I’d like to use the same formatting styles in VSCode. Is there anywhere where I can find the same or similar formatting tools for Javascript in VSCode? More generally, is there a single software/library that Codecademy uses to format code across all of the languages? If not, I’d like some suggestions on good formatting software for Javascript.

TBH, there is no such thing as, ‘formatting software for JavaScript’, not directly. Text editors have emerged through the decades that offered user defined syntax highlighting with sensitivity of the application to several well known languages. The Codecademy LE is a licensed framework that goes beyond what a text editor, even VSC could offer.

Suggest learn how to apply user settings in your text editor environment to best emulate what you see here. In other words, don’t waste your time. Learn the language, not the formatting. Syntax highlighting is a convenience, not something we should really lean on. If you really want to learn a language, code with syntax highlighting turned off and study the error messages. It wasn’t that long ago we were still using monochrome monitors.

Maybe you can try vscode extension “Prettier”. It can automatically formatting when pressing ctrl-s.

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