What fitness activities/training program do you do/follow? Do you have any goals in particular?

All work and no play… well, you know how it goes. What fitness activities/training program do you do/follow when you’re not looking up answers on Stack Overflow or complaining about your code not working? Do you hit the gym? If so, how often? Or perhaps you’re a yoga enthusiast. Do you run, or surf, or play football (or soccer; however you refer to it :grin:)? How did you come by it, and how has your journey been so far? What have you achieved so far? What have you learnt? What are your goals — do you wanna get shredded, or do you simply wanna remain fit?

Personally, I started hitting the gym this year. My goal was to get stronger and gain the aesthetics that came with it. It wasn’t long before the results started to show. Around July, however, I discovered Calisthenics and got completely enamoured by it. I loved that Calisthenics allowed one to develop other attributes in addition to strength, i.e. skills, mobility, balance, control, coordination, among other things. I took it up and stopped going to the gym entirely. Since then I’ve been following the r/bodyweightfitness Move Routine, and I can proudly say I have seen great improvement in all the attributes mentioned above.

That said, there’s a lot to be said about the modern way of life and how we no longer move like we used to. We even came up with the notion of exercise and working out; turning something that was deeply ingrained in our way of life into something one now had to create time for. The consequences are we are increasingly losing ranges of motion, in addition to all the health problems we are now plagued with. I am a strong believer in turning movement into a lifestyle, not just something one does on the side. Move more TODAY, because you can, lest you be unable to tomorrow.