What features do you want to see in a Pro Product?

What features do you want to see in a Pro Product?

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Hi, personally the offer you made is about what I was thinking about this question : basically free accounts are great, so the only thing i could think of, was more personal advices. Still, I would say that 19,90 $ is bit expensive… I know it’s a real job to make personal answer to people, so it’s perfectly fair to set it a price… And I’m not saying that price is “unfair”, I’m just saying, you would have much more pro accounts sold if it’s 10. Personally (very personally, but I don’t think my feeling is an exception), I would not buy a pro account 20, except if I have a real professional project that I’m starting right now and I need some support for 3 / 6 / 12 months, so I could invest in it, and then stop once finished. But for 10, it would be easier to include it in my “regular learning budget”, like a small book, without thinking too much of the money, and hop : subscribed. And you get it.
It would indeed give you more work if you have more subscribers, so each work would be less fairly paid, but, well, it would bring more people too and I think at the end everyone would win. I don’t know, just sayin.
Thanks for all anyway : )

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it along to the rest of the team. Please feel free to keep sending us your feedback on the Codecademy product. It's what makes us better.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
Codecademy Community Manager

Thanks @alexcommunitymgr — apart this, the only thing I have to say about Codeacademy is : I love you so much. You made it pleasant to come into learning coding, for free and with great quaity, made me able to get into it and love it, and be able then to go searching for more informations in books or on other complementary sites, and, I’m just looking forward to seeing more courses online. Thank you very much.

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Oh, yes, just one more thing. It would be great that the forum hosts some sections not directly related to the classes. Like, I’m having a discussion about what languages to use for coding apps, I’ve opened the thread in the javascript section but the link is quite thin and it would be cool if there were some appropriate sections for such discussions, and also it would make it easier for other people to see the topics and contribute to them.
Thank you!

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I think a conversation about that would fit in the http://discuss.codecademy.com/c/Codecademy-Community-Lounge

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
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Indeed! That lounge name must have confused me and I thought it was for non coding related topics

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Video Tutorials made available with each step in each course. I can read, but even that doesn’t tell me all that I need to know.
I end up stuck, but i don’t want to pay the current price for pro to talk to someone when there are sites that provide answers to our questions for free. It’s not live support but nonetheless another source of solutions which take away from your pro value.
I wouldn’t even pay for what the pro product offers even if it was $5, because I don’t need it. I can hire someone on fiverr for $5 to be a personal coding assistant/tutor for the day. I won’t need it everyday. Id compile my questions and save it for 1 day, and get fiverr to help me.
A secret is to create a resource that we need. We need water, people make money on that. We need gas, and food, even air has a cost as we pay for filters. There was a time when we lived without electricity using candles and daylight… now we’ve gotten used to electricity and pay a portion of our paychecks for these utilities. Similarly, when you want to sell candles, you kill the power at a parade and you will sell thousands! because it’s beautiful and people need light.
Your learning platform is awesome! instead of charging a chunk for something people do not need, charge $1 for the reason we came here… to learn how to code. $1 per course. How many courses have been completed in codecademy? That’s how many dollars you’d have.

And seriously, the video tuts are a good idea because the instructions/directions, and description sections aren’t large enough areas to say all that needs to be said. I feel like effort has been made to be brief… that’s good!.. .for those sections, but when I want more, I’d like to click on a link that shows me someone elses screen. This screen talks to me like we’re having a conversation about coding, with a mouse hovering, pointing to, and a voice describing why this is important and when we will use it.



Codecademy can’t and won’t do that:

Courses on Codecademy are available for free and always will be.
- Does it cost money to use Codecademy?

I’d prefer more Articles covering programming topics over videos, but I agree with your suggestion about more in-depth stuff being available :slight_smile:

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Hello @alexcommunitymgr,

I, personnally, very enjoy the ‘free’ Codecademy atmosphere, and would remain happy with a free account compared to Pro right now. The only potential reason I would consider getting a Pro account would be if you guys offered not just extra projects, but things like advanced syntax extensions for courses, or Pro courses offering new languages to learn. I’ve just started Codecademy pretty recently (August) but I find that the course interfaces are amazing for all different simulations, whether it’s console based (Like Command Line, Git, Rails) or just run web-based (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and I would definitely recommend this site to anyone interested in trying computer programming. Anyways, I love the direction Codecademy is heading, and meeting all new people who join with new ideas. Keep up the good work!


Edit: Would it be possibly to have .gif files as profile pictures in the future? Thanks!



I want to add: the facility to gift pro-subscriptions to others.
I’ve put this up on another board, but I think it’s appropriate to mention it here. I think $19.00 a month is more than reasonable. I don’t have a problem with the cost.
"In Australia 25% of kids between 17 and 24 are not in jobs or in school. We target training those kids and then finding them jobs. I’ve used Codeacademy for the HTML/CSS and Javascript training, the free courses are great.

I would like to get them a pro-subscription. Pro-subscriptions have no end dates. I can’t gift them a course off my credit card for, forever. But if you have the facility to offer a 6 month or 12 month pro subscription, I can raise money to buy these and gift them to our kids.

Other online training companies like Udemy allow you to gift training. I really don’t want to use those, I like codeacademy best.

Could you guys please consider helping us charities purchase training blocks for youth?
It’s another revenue stream for you."


Please consider changing to more West Coast friendly hours… Advisor cut-off at 9pm PT is a bummer for people trying to study after work. 10pm would be much better. Thanks

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Hi , If You made it a little more expensive i would like if you include a website beacuse a lot of things your learn here are web bassed like html, css, javascript, php, ect. so if you include a website domain and hosting so people can test out there skills on there own website and show of to there friends. i dont think it would be too expensie for you guys beacuse i got my own doamin name and hosting for only $12 (with promo code) though GoDaddy.com So its just a good idea get back to me when you can

P.S if it had this feture i would probaly buy it.

This would lead to spam websites.

If this was introduced, then I would definitely get Pro, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for this to be added.

@jibblyj I think a limit of one domain per person if that was implemented would do a fine job avoiding spam websites.
Pro is more expensive than a regular domain, depending on where/who you buy from, so it’s unlikely people would create lots of Pro accounts just for domain names :slight_smile:

In my opinion, the Pro Product is really, really good. I can’t think of what else it could be added to it.
The interface is clean, simple and easy to understand which makes Pro users happy to have spent their money on it.
Also the path you choose can be edited and that, for me, is the best feature of it.

Right now I don’t know what I could suggest but I’ll think about it!
Keep up the good wok, Codecademy! :v:


Hello @bytepro54882

Right now, advisors are available from 8am to midnight, Eastern Time Zone (ET) 7 days a week.

Oh Yeah Another Feature If You Have Pro You Get A Free T-Shirt like this one!
I Have The design if you want it contact me Back on the fourms staff
Thanks- codecrtr


It could be used for advertising because it says codecademy.com at the bottom, and if i had this shirt i would wear it all around town and people would see and and go here to learn to code!

@codecrtr: I loved the idea and I would happily wear this shirt all day but I think the problem would be shipping those shirts and making them but let’s say what the staff think about it.

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