What EXACTLY protocol in sotware level is?

The specific format of a request (and the resulting response) is called the protocol .

What exactly protocol is in binary level ?

I could imagine like this : a computer(server) is standing for binary pulses in it’s entry wire and a process inside computing device is capturing pulses and an specific pulse mean protocol A another sequence of pulses over internet wire mean protocol B ?? protocol in software level ?

Protocol in physical layer is understandable and is type of wires strictly connected to each other .

Not entirely sure about what you’re asking, but…

I wonder if you’re referring to the application layer? There are numerous protocols which operate at the application layer, including HTTP(S), FTP, Telnet…

Generally speaking, though, the protocol can be thought of as the “rulebook” for that particular type of communication. It defines what is acceptable, how you should deal with acceptable data, and what you should expect back.

Wikipedia covers communication protocols in a bit more detail if you’re interested.

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