What exactly is `span` used for?


hey so i just started and everything is pretty straightforward but can someone elaborate on what <span is used for? I put in into the code but did not see any visual difference i know its meant to separate what you wrote from <p but i do not see that happening on the web page when i run the program

FAQ: Learn HTML Elements – Intro to HTML – Displaying Text
FAQ: Learn HTML Elements – Intro to HTML – Displaying Text

Hello. I wanted to ask a question about . I tried it on each letter, each word, and one sentence and I still can’t see any difference. What is span for actually? I thought it give a differentiation for something that is inline. What is being differentiated?
Here is the picture of me trying hard to figure this out

Thank you
P.S. This is my first question about code subject ever so I’m curious and excited about the response i’ll get


I have the exact same question as you


Hopefully this quick video helps to explain this in-depth!


<span> has no physical appearance.

It is like the <p> tag in that it is intended for displaying text, but unlike it in that it does not start a new line. (in other words, it is inline)

<span> is mainly used to help you once you get to CSS so that you can style one part of a paragraph differently than the rest.

It is also used as an element that is only there to let you style the contents.

I hope that answers your question!