What else should I learn?

I am currently not looking to make a career out of this or anything. This is a fun hobby I have always wanted to try and learn but was too afraid. The main thing I want to understand is building a website. I already am in the middle of the HTML/CSS classes and they are super helpful and pretty fun as well!

Once I get this down what other fun coding would you recommend I check out? I’ll play around with building websites for no reason but maybe this will spark something in be to pursue. Any other recommendations after learning the basic fundamentals of HTML/CSS would be nice :grinning:!

Javascript can be fun…! It can be intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it you can do some cool things with websites.


Using the video game character metaphor, HTML is your character, CSS is the looks, and JavaScript is the abilities. With HTML and CSS you’ll be able to build websites that look good but won’t respond to user input dynamically.

Have you thought about completing Codecademy’s Web Developer Career Path? It will introduce you to more advanced HTML/CSS design concepts, while also including JavaScript and front-end, back-end technologies like React and Node.JS

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