What else does Codecademy have to offer on Java?

I finished Learn Java, Learn Intermediate Java, and Java for Programmers (though, the latter was mostly just a rehash of what I already knew). Is there anything else on Java I should check out here, on Codecademy? I don’t have a Pro subscription so Learn Advanced Java is not available for me

https://www.codecademy.com/catalog/language/java lists all courses in Java.

Of the free offerings, the only ones not mentioned in your post seem to be:

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Thank you! Does Codecademy have anything on Java enums? They weren’t covered in either course

I don’t know if enums have been discussed in any of Codecademy’s Java courses. I have seen enums in the TypeScript course, but that material is related to JavaScript.

The only mention of Java enums I have come across is a very brief Codecademy doc: https://www.codecademy.com/resources/docs/java/enums

However, if you do a web search, there are a number of tutorials and explanations (articles/videos) about Java enums.
For example,

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Why do you think it gives me -1? Doesn’t my method perform the exact modification it was supposed to perform (see the last challenge here)? :thinking:

It may be off topic, but I don’t believe it calls for a whole new one

Consider the case when argument is an empty array. You will go out of bounds when trying to assign a value to firstItem

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