What does your sunset look like?

hey people!!
I wanted to post a topic like this because I was just looking out my window at the beautiful sunset and wondered, “What do other coders sunsets look like?” I know I’m weird but hey, aren’t we all?

ps its a little blurry because i have a sucky camera on my laptop


Nice topic!

Will have to wait for another day here, it’s past sunset now.


totally! I’m glad somebody took interest in this and so fast too lolz! :blush: :grin:

0:29 here, so I’ll wait til tomorrow. Good topic though!

what time? 6:48 here and thanks :blush:

@destin5465 Pretty much everyone except America uses what we (Americans) call “military time” (guess why, because our military uses it :slightly_smiling:). It works on a twenty-four hour system, rather than a twelve hour system. So 0:29 would be 12:29 (midnight + half an hour) AM for us :slight_smile:

BTW @jibblyj, that’s one of the (few) things I wish we copied you guys in - military time is a lot better, IMO, but we still use a twelve hour time system :confused:


@zystvan well i know what military time was (my brother told me) i had an idea that’s what he was using but wasn’t sure. lolz my brother is actually in boot camp right now lolz

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It was half past midnight. I will post a pic later.

@jibblyj @zystvan @albionsrefuge do you people have a sunset yet? would love to see it :grin:

dark side mode here in bucharest :smiley:

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WAPOWThis was taken a while ago, walking home from school.![|640x478](upload://yFdlrq4JzvnigB7SLxNqZI6Od6J.jpeg)

lolz well when you are on the light side send a pic of sunrise lolz :grin: :

im in awe my mouth literally dropped open lolz :open_mouth:

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thats fine :slightly_smiling:

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Here is mine. I took this as I stepped out the door after work today - almost missed it, a couple of more blocks and it was all gone.


Lucky!! We rarely ever get snow!

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same!!! texas doesn’t allow it

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Thats beautiful :heart_eyes:

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I took some pictures yesterday, hope you enjoy :slightly_smiling:
(sorry if it crowds the post up couldnt pick the best one!)


Those are really amazingly strong colours Alex!