What does this mean?


Hello, this is my first time really using Codecademy, and I've gotten past on thing and its making no sense, any one that could help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

(Here's some of the things that appear often on the screen when I submit)
~I am on the website building Navigation 2~


  1. After the closing </ul> tag, add another ul element
  2. Inside the <ul>..</ul> tags, add an li element with the text "Sign Up"
  3. Add a second li element with the text "Log In"
  4. Add a third li element with the text "Help"

Oops, try again. The ul element should have 3 li elements. (This goes below with my coding)

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<ul/li>Sign Up<li/ul>
	<li>~~~~~<ul/li>Log In<ul/li>Help


I don't know if I did anything wrong....... If I did let me know!!! If there's any pointers let me know as well!!!



Most HTML elements have both and opening and a closing tag.

A ul element, that is short for unordered list needs both an opening and a closing tag, so like this:



That's a very dull list. It needs some list items. the tag for list items is li and list items need both an opening and a closing tag too, like this: <li> </li>

Here is an example of one list item from the exercise:

<li>Sign Up</li>

Now, let's put that into our list - the ul element:

   <li>Sign Up</li>

See how we give it some indenting so it is easy to read?

Let's add one more item to that list:

   <li>Sign Up</li>
   <li>Another Item</li>

Do you see how we build lists with list items now?


Awesome, Thank you so much!!! :smile:




When you are creating <ul> and <li> elements, you must close them with the corresponding tag </ul> or </li>

For example these instruction are asking you to create an un-ordered list ( <ul> </ul> ). The instructions work like this:

  1. <ul></ul>

  2. <ul>
    <li> Sign Up </li>

  3. <ul>
    <li> Sign Up </li>
    <li>Log in </li>

<li> Sign Up </li>
<li> Log in </li>
<li> Help </li>



Thank you so much! :smile: