What Does This Mean

When I was doing coding on the Wanderlust task on Javascript and I inspected the page I got this message:
You have reached your CDA limit and we were not able to create or update the following attributes: user_type, exp_credit_card_trial_2019_06_27_existing_users, exp_trim_homepage_2019_6_18, exp_onboarding_search_2019_5_23, subscription_provider_id.
Can someone tell me how to fix this please.

Which browser are you using?

There is nothing to fix. The message does not apply to you, or your browser. It’s related to Codecademy, and is entirely irrelevant to the Wanderlust project. Just ignore it, and continue your project.


This is happening to me within a lesson. The in-browser code and console no longer work when it happens. Any ideas?