What does this excercise do and what is a Redact?



Probably being a total thicko here but what is this exercise doing?

Have gone back to the start but don’t get the explanation and no where is redact explained.



Hi Cuddlyshark,

I waste my time to find what redacted means more thank solving the problem.

Please check this sample.You will understand what it means exactly.


Thanks halfdanox,

Yeah managed to solve the exercise and googled redacted, still not very clear as to what it is.



To redact something is to remove a word or string of words from a document, typically replacing that word with ‘redacted’ so those reading it know it was removed, most likely for privacy or legal purposes since tampering with a legal document by simply removing something could be seen as illegal, but redacting something lets those reading it know there was something there, but it’s been removed.

This exercise is actually just asking you to replace a word or set of words with another word, in this case, ‘REDACTED’. Being able to automate that process is great if you have a 1,000-page document you have to remove someone’s name from on every page but don’t want to search for and replace everything one by one. You could have a tool that will simply do it for you, or for someone else who may not have as much technical knowledge as you do.


Ah, thanks waywardwatergod.


Great answer, @waywardwatergod. Thanks…