What does the value attribute do?

When using the type=“text’” attribute we used the value attribute. But i don’t see it being used when using the type=“number” atrribute. Why so?

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type has nothing to do with value, of course I mean that type will change how (for example password) and what can be written there (for example number) but there aren’t any links between these like when using for and name.

Value was only needed to set there to provide the “customer” an example that can be written there.

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they must have thaught of it as unnecessary, the motive for them to use value attribute was to make sure that we also know about that""""
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The purpose of value attribute is just to give an example case of what should be entered over there .

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there is atrtribute call “placeholder” that make it better

The best example for me is like placeholder. Thanks.

For the text attribute, we use the value attribute to send textual information when the form is submitted. In the number attribute we do not use the value attribute because the number attribute already defines what kind of data the input element will accept. When the number attribute is rendered, we see an input field has been loaded. In this, numerical information is given by clicking on the up and down arrows present at the right end of this input field, where a click on the up arrow gives us succeeding numbers of a certain number (in default, it is 0) and a click on the down arrow gives us predecessing numbers of it. So there is no need of value attribute here. To clearly understand this, click on the arrows in the number attribute field given in the webpage beside the lesson on Number Input in HTML Forms.

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No, @priyanshumishra58162, you’re wrong. Check out my post on this question.

It does make sense, thank you. The value attribute was only needed to help people with what they can write in that field. But it won’t be necessary now that they’re required to add a number.